Gauge Polls

Polling is one way we aim to best reflect the communities interest.  We encourage you to not only vote, but to lobby support for your selection from your friends and other members. 

Active Polls:

There are no current polls at this time.

You are encouraged to talk to your friends and other members to lobby for your favorite river. Remember, the more voting members we have, the more gauges we can install!

If you are an active member in the Poll's Region, you will be able to access the poll and record your vote. Your polling weight will be applied to your selection during the tally. Ex. if you have a 4X polling weight, your vote will be counted 4 times for that river. 

Here is the breakdown on polling weights:

Level  Poll Weight
Introductory  No Access
Class I  1X
Class II  2X
Class III 4X
Class IV  10X
Class V  10X 

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Past Polls

Tennessee Gauge Poll #1 - 1/20

Winner: Piney River

Installation Dates TBD

Alabama Gauge Poll #4 -12/19

Winners: East Fork of the Flint and Johnnies Creek 

Installation Dates TBD

Alabama Gauge Poll #3 -5/19

Winner: Kelly Creek 

Kelly Creek Gauge Deployed 12/19

Alabama Gauge Poll #2 -12/18

Winner: Bear Creek, LRC 

Bear Creek Gauge Deployed 03/19

Alabama Gauge Poll #1 - 10/18

Winner: Blackburn Fork of the Warrior

Blackburn Gauge Deployed 12/18

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